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Welcome to cbbplotR, an R package designed to bring the vibrant world of college basketball into your data visualizations. This package, an extension of nflplotR, is your go-to toolkit for incorporating college basketball team and conference logos, player headshots, and team colors into ggplot2 plots and gt tables. While cbbplotR is best paired with the cbbdata package, there is an extensive internal name conversion function for teams and conferences that will match some common sites. If you want to request adding specific name conversions, please open an issue on the package’s GitHub.

cbbplotR is an extension of the popular {sport}plotR family of packages, including nflplotR, nbaplotR, mlbplotR, and cfbplotR. This package was heavily adapted from nflplotR and ggpath from developer Sebastian Carl.


To get started with cbbplotR, you can install it using the pak package.

if (!require("pak")) install.packages("pak")


If you have feature recommendations or run into bugs, please open an issue on GitHub. You can also contact me directly on Twitter, but I would prefer the latter.

If you are looking for more college basketball R packages, check out cbbdata – also developed and maintained by me.